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My name is Måns and it was 4 years ago I moved to Copenhagen it quickly became my favourite city. It is difficult to describe exactly what it is that makes the city one of the world’s most liveable cities, but I guess it is a combination of the relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, great architecture, a rich bar culture and many more.

A perfect start of a weekend in Copenhagen usually begins at Torvehallarna, where people meet for a beer or glass of cava after work but also a great place where you can buy fresh seafood, meat and vegetables.

There are many nice and cosy restaurants in the city but one of my favourites is to share a plate of shellfish at Oysters&Grill. In here you would think you are somewhere in the Mediterranean rather than in Scandinavia. If you are in mood of a pizza, you should go to Mother ‘s in « Ködbyen » – the meatpacking district – a cosy restaurant with reasonable prices.
In the meatpacking district you also find Fiskebaren « The Fishbar » and Nose2Tail both very trendy and cool restaurants. Nose2Tail is a great place to try the Danish cuisine.
If you want to continue the night with a good cocktail visit Lidkoeb or Ruby’s. Bartenders really put a lot of effort into each cocktail but they also charge you for it..
If you want to enjoy a long brunch on I usually go to Café 22. If it’s nice weather it is the perfect place to sit just next to the lakes and also good prices. Laundromat which has several cafés in the is also a relaxing place with good brunches or to hang out for a coffee.
If you are in the city, Café Paludan is otherwise a coffee place where I sometimes sit to study and enjoy a coffee for a few hours.

And if it is good weather and you want some sightseeing it is definitely worth to jump on a Canal tour which takes one hour.

Christianshavn is an area with beautiful houses/architecture for a stroll and then you should of course take a walk Christiania to see some of the peculiar houses. Outside Christiania you can also walk up « Vor Frelsers Kirke » to get the best view over the whole city.

If you are staying for a week or more and want to explore another city, Copenhagen is conveniantly close to the thirdest largest city in Sweden, Malmö only 30 minutes away with the train.

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